Episode #110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard

Episode #110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard

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It is crazy, do you find this sometimes.. Sales has been appearing around me a lot right now, from The Wolf of Wall street, Jordan Belfort training system to connecting with old skull NLP/sales mentor from over 13 years ago in Australia. It is really interesting to watch how sales has evolved and changed in mindset, since I was doing it in Real estate all those years ago.. That is why I wanted to get my buddy, Joe Girard on the show, again. His previous episodes were #5, #63 and now #110  I love Joes style as it is about creating REAL relationships with people, actually caring and adding the NLP and psychology on top of that. That is the way helping people make a decision (SALES) should be always done. It is about helping someone get what they want, to help them in their life and because of that you should be rewarded, fairly. That to me is sales, yet so many people think it is sleazy and the image of the CHEESY car salesman appears in your mind.. QUICK BRAIN BLAST The Challenge: Imagine, a time where you had a really good experience with either a salesperson or yourself doing the sale. Feel what that feels like now, as you imagine that time where you felt so good, that you trusted yourself to change now, and believe that sales is truly something amazing as you get to HELP PEOPLE all day. Ask yourself this, what is the feeling that you need now, that if you did would allow you to close that next deal, for yourself..! Practice that one, until you think about the future and selling and the only thing that comes to mind is EXCITEMENT..!! I would love to hear how you got on,


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#110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard 

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