90 Minutes to 10 days. Andy solo or a full team of neuroscientists, nutritionists and the latest cutting edge technologies. Bringing your executives, teams or yourself as a founder through these protocols will be truly life changing and increase your ROI exponentially.


Are you looking for the edge? Working with Andy is only for a select few who understand what result they are wanting and are ready to access the wisdom, experience and cutting edge Neuro-Engineering protocols that have been developed over 22 years for the elite in any industry...

Assisting Family Offices with Interpersonal and Generational Communication, Psychological Dynamics Pre/During and Post-Succession.

Create a world-class experience for your executives, teams or event by introducing cutting edge performance protocols into your company, while making it wildly entertaining, impactful and thought provoking...


If you have tried everything for yourself, your executives, a team or a family member and nothing is getting you the clarity, peace or peak performance...

When the pressure is on, and the situation is messy, yet the result must happen, no matter what...

...Andy is who they bring in to fix the situation, fast.

Andy Murphy, a Peak Performance Expert

Andy Murphy, a Peak Performance Expert


Not available to the public. This 4 week immersion is only for hand selected clientele. This bespoke protocol is to experience what it is like to work with one of the most sort after private coaches in the world. No matter what industry, title, issue or vision you will be craving for more. 
(contact to request code access)


One or 1 week, if you are looking for the edge, entertaining, impactful and thought provoking, there is a reason Andy is extremely sought after and has a wait list...


Whether you want to be part of a self paced university,  a closely connected global community or hire Andy to host or as an expert guest for a digital summit, you will receive the latest cutting edge knowledge delivered in an entertaining manner giving a world class experience...


Having been interviewed on some of the biggest podcasts, or being part of his own and generating 3 million downloads and recording over 400 episodes, Andy's wealth of experience will guarantee the highest value to you and your audience every single time...

Nick Onken and Andy Murphy Interview


Interview • Bespoke Solution • Key Note Presentation • Company or Personal Performance 

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