The Art of Sublimation Persuasion

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Mastering Persuasion: Harnessing Subliminal Communication in Business and Beyond

The Art of Sublimation Persuasion

If you are selling a service, bringing on Investors, selling a product, serving a client, executive team, or in an intense negotiation; being able to share your vision, beliefs, and emotions with the person in front of you, persuasion is the most powerful thing you can upgrade.

What is Subliminal communication? Most people in business have heard of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and to some degree have used it to enhance themselves, their team, or their sales skills. Most of this is done through logical language patterns or reading body language.

These tactics work very well if done masterfully or artfully, otherwise, they can have the opposite effect and break rapport and even simply look silly...

...When we understand that true deep communication is done beneath conscious awareness, then it becomes a whole different world to play in.

Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 rule is an idea of the ratio of how impactful our verbal and nonverbal communication really is, having suggested 7% of our communication is verbal, 38% tonality, and 55% body language.

This is context-dependent, meaning if you are writing an email, on a phone call, or even on a video chat these ratios can be isolated and increased, or decreased.


In an Investor pitch, where you want to raise capital, you might have a massively effective pitch deck, yet the investor is looking at much than the numbers and slide deck to decide on investing in YOU.

Your ability to present, engage the audience, share your mission, build deep unconscious rapport, read their body language, control your nervous system, language and be able to adjust and make micro decisions under pressure, do not happen by accident.

Family dynamics can be tricky, yet imagine being able to use the same skills for an investor meeting as you do for communicating with different generations.

Exiting a company or about to go through massive change in their company, the ability to understand your own behavioral patterns or the person you want to assist becomes crucial.

Navigating yourself, and understanding how you think, feel, and behave when put under new circumstances or pressurized environments is becoming consciously aware of what patterns are playing sub/unconsciously and persuading yourself to do something different.

In business and life, being able to rewire yourself, light up others' thought patterns, lead new behaviors, emotions, and beliefs in yourself and others allows you to experience the world in a much more rich and impactful way.

Neuroperformance, Business Strategy, and Persuasion are what I love in business, we can chat here when you are ready