#417 Unlocking Your Mind 3: My NLP Persuasion Tactics For Sales, Social & Stage

#417 Unlocking Your Mind: My NLP Persuasion Tactics For Sales, Social & Stage As the feedback I have been getting is amazing, showing me you are loving these clips from my pieces of training, let’s keep going with another. Here I share some basic, but powerful methods to build rapport with anyone, then lead their emotions and imagination where you want it to go, and still make sure they love you. If you are ethical, and the product is the right fit for them, this is a golden skill to master. I have been teaching and using NLP for 21 years all over the globe. I connected Neuroscience, persuasion, and behavioral psychology into my own systems that have helped everyone from world champions, 300 million dollar founders and CEOs, celebrities on TV sets, and many superstars online and in finance. I wanted to share this 30 min clip from a 12-week course I ran a while back, to give you a taste of how you can apply it today in your business and life.


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