#407: Andrew Huberman: Stop Self Sabotage & Win Again Using Dopamine

#407: Andrew Huberman: Stop Self Sabotage & Win Again Using Dopamine If you are used to being a top performer but find yourself in a dip in results, this is the episode for you. I am sure you are getting stressed, frustrated, and maybe starting to self-sabotage. Especially if you know deep inside if you only could find that fire again, you will kick ass again. I break down this awesome clip of Dr. Andrew Huberman, speaking about using dopamine as the fuel to reboot yourself. WHEN YOU ARE READY, CLICK THE LINKS BELOW. MBD PODCAST SPONSORS 1. PEAK PERFORMANCE UNIVERSITY (NEW FOR 2023) https://www.8figurethinker.com (secret birthday code for 90% discount = 8FT) 2. BEST NOOTROPICS ON THE PLANET https://rb.gy/u2j9j3

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