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Assisting Family Offices with Interpersonal and Generational Communication

Assisting Family Offices with Interpersonal and Generational Communication, Psychological Dynamics Pre/During and Post-Succession

When we begin to understand that families, in business or not, I consider them an Ecosystem that must be nurtured on all levels.

Often the challenge becomes like all Ecosystems, bubbles of reality form that each person or team in that system perceives the world through.

Each with their own

  • Beliefs
  • Attitudes
  • Language
  • Focus
  • Expectation

and ultimately thinking their perspective is the most important.

(this is also the same when working with Law firms, VCs, hedge funds and optimizing each level of the Ecosystem, from founders to managers and technicians)

The challenge with generational communication is that often there is a huge cultural distance between the externally driven existing founders to achieve greatness and the next gen who are more internally focused on achieving their concept of greatness.

This there lies, often the conflict…

The challenge becomes that, when we understand habits and patterns formation in the brain and that they build like a muscle, (the more we pump that muscle, the bigger it grows, here neurologically), then the deeper the the emotion and belief, the greater the emotional driver behind it.

The Inner Driver

Why I assist family offices with interpersonal and generational communication and psychological dynamics pre/during and post-succession, is simply because I have seen the dynamics all over the world, from the super wealthy to the poorest communities on my travels around the globe.

As I have also assisted the highest performers in so many different industries to perform at their very best under the most intense environments over the past 21 years, it has given me the gift of developing protocols to unlock their psychology and change perspective even under the pressure like a cooker of intensity.

There is nothing more pressurized than a 24/7 conflict or miscommunication between loved ones, especially when money and business are intermingled.

Understanding a concept from my E.P.O. protocols that I utilize in my coaching, is that the dominant emotion, drives our perspective of the world in that moment, which directly affects our behavior or action.

Think about it this way. If you are angry or sad, what is your main view of the world? If you were to make a decision about your life’s direction from this emotion, would it likely be the most expanded one, compared to when you are happy and feeling confident or fulfilled?

Probably not.

If this emotion or perspective keeps being focused on (this could also be connected to a past scenario, a person’s action, or a possible future event) the brain starts to wire this together and ultimately forms into a habit or behavior, that can become very difficult to change.

If multiple people or environments keep reinforcing this belief, then this pattern builds faster and deeper.

Understanding, once again, that this affects the family or business Ecosystem and it has a ripple effect it has from the top down in and out of business.

Most people are not aware of this unconscious psychology or aware of the impact that your personal state or identity has on every aspect of your business and life.

One of the main concepts that I am known for in the world is Personal Optimization.

This is separated into 2 key parts:

In other articles, I have and will share more about Peak Performance which I teach inside of hedge funds, private equity firms, venture capital companies, and with founders, but I also teach this to existing founders and especially the next gen, who want to find their own path.

Quickly, this is…


I am not going to have time today to talk about the Peak Performance side of personal optimization, however here I want to introduce you to the 3 ways I personally optimize you or your teams for peak performance:

  1. Brain & Mind
  2. Technology
  3. Neurochemistry

Today, I want to share a little about what I call


Most business owners and families, are so externally focused that when you hit a threshold your nervous system and brain cannot keep up.

There is a biological consequence to this, and once you, your team, or in the case of this article, your family, experience this level of pressure, then you begin to live in a constant state of stress.

Ultimately this means that you are not going to think, feel, and act at your best, and this has a massive impact on your world.

In business these days, everyone deserves, and is looking for THE EDGE.

Yet, after 21 years of working with the best, and assisting thousands of people, I see so many flaws in the standard model of executive coaches, psychologists, and therapists.


Safe space to drop identity, speak about personal matters 
and unlock blue ocean thinking.


Safe space to discuss stresses, and emotions, and change perspectives.


Safe space to unload the pressure, personal issues, and tactics


Safe space to be truthful about succession, fears, and self-sabotage

For families, I use a blend of:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Trauma Patterns
  • Identity Crisis Counseling
  • Therapy
  • EFT
  • NLP
  • Hypnosis
  • Consciousness
  • Psychedelic Therapy
  • CBT

synergized with my protocols it gives the client the ability to not only have practical real world tools to control their nervous systems, change perspective in an intense moment, rewire their thinking or communicate through other peoples models of the world.


What this allows the family to do, is start to create more homeostasis inside their own families Eco system, that they might not have experienced before. This then leads to deeper relationships, the succession of business and legacy with also a new understanding of where existing founders and next-gen can instead of conflicting, come together to create a new like-minded perspective of a new world.

I also, hope that you are reading this now, and realize that all external results, including calmness, begin inside you, and being personally optimized is ultimately is what is going to give you THE EDGE, in business and your personal life.

Andy Murphy: Personal Advisor and Neuro-Coach to HNWI, Family Offices, and High Performers.

To discover more about more of my protocols, and how I can introduce them to your family and family offices, or existing businesses please reach directly out here, or simply message me personally at