Episode #310: Now What?? What Do You Do When You Have It All with Dean Trinklein & Andy Murphy

#310 Now What?? What Do You Do When You Have It All with Dean Trinklein & Andy Murphy You are at the start of a revolution, sounds extreme. Yes you are right ha, but it really is the truth. The world is changing and people are waking up to the fact that once you have tasted the highest highs, you realise it can be very empty. Remember we are all humans and we are unique in our desires.. For 19 years I have looked into the minds of amazing minds and once someone hits a certain level of success, they ask the question WHAT NOW?? Introducing my partner in this mission Dean Trinklein, Let’s do this!! WHEN YOU ARE READY Let me show you the same mental tools I’ve taught to thousands of people, including NBC Stars, 9 Figure CEO’s, Hollywood actors/producers, World champions, MMA fighters, The marketers online and even Royalty. This is Neuro-Conditioning

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