Episode #123: The Hottest Ways to be Rich, Happy and Driven. Discover the beliefs that work instantly with Hither Mann

Episode #123: The Hottest Ways to be Rich, Happy and Driven. Discover the beliefs that work instantly with Hither Mann

Did you feel like this growing up?

Were you told rich people were different? Money was bad? Rich people have done something wrong to get the money? They are different from us?

I dont know about your family, but that is exactly the world I grew up in. It is so strange to look back and truly understand that the people who told you that, were simply people looking at the world through a certain filter around money, and that because they didn’t have any, they thought that no one else could either!

Crazy, really isn’t it ha

I have worked very hard over the years to really see the world differently, let go of all the old patterns that have held us back, were just from people who couldn’t change their beliefs that they got taught as a kid. Isn’t nice to know that they were wrong 🙂

One of the people that I bring around me on this journey called life, is also the first person who recorded on the podcast. A dear friend of mine Hither Mann. An incredibly talented, successful, happy, healthy and very rich lady, who is also the top female forex trader in the world.

Hither actually just came on the show for the 3rd time..! yes the only guest to have ever done that, and the only guest who keeps on evolving and growing so fast..!

In this episode, it was amazing to see that no matter what is going on in her life, she always makes time to chat and connect and be very thoughtful about what drives her forwards each day. I think that you will be very surprised that someone at her level has beliefs that will shock you..!

I know you will love it, oh make sure to check out episode #1 and #33 for more of Hither..!


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