Episode #121: James Swanick, Effective Strategies for No Alcohol, Tai Lopez & Hollywood and why you need to listen now

Episode #121: Effective Strategies for No Alchohol, Tai Lopez & Hollywood and why you need to listen now

I love being able to write to you..!

To me it feels really personal, as I know as I am writing this you are sitting there reading it, which means I know you are going to start feeling really happy and that makes me even more happy ha

What I am trying to say is that, I am really grateful that we can connect, as I am lucky enough to have a great network of amazing people that I can reach out to, and LEARN from, to help me on my mission to become the world-class version of me..! You feel the same about becoming world-class right? I know you do, and I want to share something with you…. Listen, I know sometimes we can all get caught up in chasing the dream. Wanting the Millions, wanting the cars, the boats and the sexy partner. All that seems fine to me and don’t let anyone tell you it is not. Yet you also need to understand that having those things is amazing and you should EXPERIENCE them in this life time, yet they do not make you BETTER than anyone, in any country or in any colour. They are just things. Now, those things are awesome things that we should play with, but they are still just things.

No attachment, right!! I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine James Swanick. He has had all the glitz and the Glam of Hollywood. Now helping Tai Lopez take over the Internet ha, he has a power house of a brand. Especially one of the services he offers, about Having FUN, with NO Alcohol…! Pretty cool right..!

Oh he also has an AUSTRALIAN accent, so I am sure you will have blast LISTENING to us two haha..!

Here is the link I know you will love it..! Oh and here is this weeks


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