Episode #112: How NYE Will Change Your life In 2016 With My Top 5 Mindset Systems

Episode #112: How NYE Will Change Your life In 2016 With My Top 5 Systems Summery

HAPPY NEW YEAR….!   I really hope as you are reading this now, you start smiling. How would it make you feel if you could be sitting where you are, thinking about the year you have just been through, 2015, and now the year waiting for you to step into, 2016, and the only feeling that you have now, is EXCITEMENT and KNOWING? (I like the word knowing as it is the next LEVEL UP from confidence)   It sounds like a stretch right? To good to be true?   To me it simply depends. It depends on YOU and the choices you make right now in your mind. You see, we are all starting 2016 the same way. We are all going to wake up the same way, eat the same way and be excited, scared and back to excited again. So what is the difference to what 2016 will be like for YOU?   It starts with a choice. A decision. Simply it starts HERE and NOW.   The life and business you want can only come to you if you:

  • BUILD the Mind muscle of your VISION.

SET the GOALS so you WIN each time. Stay FOCUSED on which PEAK STATE you are in.   When you can do this, you will start to discover now that, this is no difference between someone who is going to earn a BILLION DOLLARS in 2016, or someone who is living homeless on the streets.   EVERYTHING IS A CHOICE.   So now, the choice is yours?   Isn’t it TIME YOU ALLOWED YOURSELF TO GET THE LIFE YOU DESERVE?     QUICK BRAIN BLAST The Challenge:  

What are the TOP 5 THINGS you want to have accomplished by this time next year?

Write this down and close your eyes and begin to see this and feel this while breathing deeply. Become more and more involved with this scene. Allow yourself to feel it is normal to have that life..!     In this latest Podcast Episode you are going to discover “How NYE Will Change Your life In 2016 With My Top 5 Mindset Systems”. Which means you are going to start setting your 2016 and take your life to the next level.   Keep BUILDING your MINDSET By Design and together we will create your LIFE by Design, so you can Dominate ANY Business..!   Happy New Year and lets connect very soon 🙂

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