Episode #109: Winning Tactics For The Future of the Tech World with Dom and Tom

Episode #109: Winning Tactics For The Future of the Tech World with Dom and Tom


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Hello Crew..! Let me ask you a question.. Do you ever take a moment to sit down and really take a look at where we are in the evolution of technology? We become so associated into society and don’t get a chance to step out and look from a different perspective and actually understand that we are a baby compared to what is coming.. Tom, from TomandDom.com do that for a living. It was great to see such a philosophical way of looking at the world, coming from someone who is creating our experience of it digitally, check this episode out, we cover so much brilliant entrepreneurial thinking…! QUICK BRAIN BLAST The Challenge: Sit down and write down 15 things that you would have in your life if money was not a thought. What would you want? Why would you want it? Really think about this and begin to imagine or visualise what it would feel like to have those things. You might notice that not all of them cost any money..! LET ME KNOW..here https://goo.gl/LJPKGC


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