• Are you still passionate about business & your future?
  •  Have you struggled to expand into a new vision or use your minds full potential?
  •  Do you invest time in your brain, mind & your inner performance? 
  • Do you invest your hard-earned money in accelerating your knowledge, skills and growth?
  • Would you like to maximize the benefits you get from these investments?
  •  Would you like to unlock the limitless performance of your mind on a daily basis?

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this message might be the most important message you ever read.

Discover why leading entrepreneurs & founders are jumping in with Andy’s coaching & systems and courses that expand you beyond what you believe now is possible...

Giving you TOTAL CONTROL over how quickly you gain clarity over any situation by updating your brain’s programs to increase your focus to a new level, while switching on the motivation, drive and passion to the extreme once more.

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Are You Ready  For A Driven, Happy, Aligned, Energized, High Performing Future Again?

That’s what Neuro-Conditioning & Andy’s Expansion systems make possible, it helps your brain and nervous system update to handle uncertainty, flow through stress, truly see the matrix and expanded vision, amp you up with energy to feel amazing about stepping up and into new uncharted waters with ease…

Blueprint For A New You".

Imagine getting admiration on how much impact you are creating… or how you are bursting with energy and passion again...

Or even waking up with purpose, excitement and confidence ready to dominate your day, everyday...

ALL because you fully took full control of your mind, emotions and updated who you are in your future on the inside with belief, clarity, alignment and purpose and much more.

This is your opportunity to take control of your mind and experience the unparalleled fulfilment and happiness that are received from having total control over your future, impact and burning desire deep inside.

Andy’s Expansion System is truly what creates the next level of business and life success...

It’s a cutting edge approach built off decades of wisdom,
experience and the latest brain science.

Andy’s Expansion System, is THE ULTIMATE way to start your biggest mission while building the foundation for ultimate happiness with his sustainable formula for psychological and business metamorphosis.

"Andy’s mission is to change the lives of millions in the next 10 years by impacting founders, CEO’s and geniuses at the highest level to create a ripple down effect in their companies culture, which is why he only takes on a handful of personal clients each year to give them the unique attention they deserve".


  • Even if it’s stopping the loop of past mistakes
  • Finding the inner fire again
  • The confidence to start something new
  • The clarity, vision and passion
  • Creating a new identity that people could question

Andy has developed a formula to assist you

to unlock whatever you truly want

Andy has developed a formula to assist you to unlock whatever you truly want…


  • Light up your brain’s software to be on fire each day
  • Delete resistance, past mistakes, and future doubt
  • Design neural peak states for domination of life
  • Install happiness, excitement and passion for future business
  • Creating a new identity that people could question
  • Switch on the inner genius, lateral thinking, creative you
  • Re-define who you are in this next chapter of life and career
  • Be obsessed with impact and scaling your future vision

This is the science of what is possible inside Andy’s expansion formula. 

This is the science of

what is possible inside

Andy’s expansion formula. 

Andy’s Expansion Pyramid Shifts You

To Your Next Stage Of Growth 

Andy’s Expansion Pyramid Shifts You To Your Next Stage Of Growth 

Andy’s Expansion Pyramid

Shifts You To Your Next Stage Of Growth 


  • Neuro-Conditioning
  • Unconscious Expansion
  • Mission Frequency

Neuro-Conditioning Training

  • State install
  • Brain Optimized
  • Nervous system Control
  • Chemical update
  • Filter switch
  • Heart Brain Sync
  • Anchoring Ex/Intrinsic

Unconscious Expansion

  • Unlocked Impact Vision
  • Heart Brain Mission
  • Network shift
  • Ultra Alignment

Mission Frequency

  • Heart Brain Sync
  • Hawkins 
  • Brain Wave Install



Your New Path To Expand Into Limitless Potential

19 Years has created a step by step formula that assists already successful clients into the next stage of life and business, using the integration of scientific, psychological and universal systems.

Expanding Tech CEOs, NBC Celebs, World- Champions, Finance Genius’s & Royalty…

(Andy is a Mental Strategist and Performance Expert, Trainer, Speaker, Mentor. Assisting Founders & Teams in Tech, Digital, Real Estate through IPO’s, Exits & Scaling)

I can honestly say that Andy has been the single most powerful force directing me toward the life I have always dreamed of. I am still on my path and am steadily, with the tools I continue to learn from him, reaching higher levels of fulfillment in my life.


Saudi Royal Family Member

At first I thought Andy had superpowers then I learned NLP is science. I used Andy to get me ready for a big TV shoot I was doing. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get in my own way. The day of the shoot I was calm and confident. I also use his techniques every-time I walk out on stage and it has changed my mental state 100%. If you have ONE big day or Everyday stuff. Andy is your guy.

John Jeffron 1


Winner of NBC's TV Show: Last Comic Standing, Multiple time guest on Joe Rogan Podcast

Andy has been a total life saver for me. As my business has been exploding the added stress of managing its growth, new staffing, maintaining a loving family and a healthy lifestyle has been much more of a struggle then I anticipated. Andy gets me grounded, brings my focus back to the important things by putting matters in the proper perspective. The wonderful thing is it is not just surface level, but he gets at the core of the issues, gives you the techniques and guidance to deal with them and helps you emerge as a better you. If you feel like the world is coming at you from all directions, and you are spinning your wheels not dealing with it nearly as effective as you should, you absolutely want to get Andy Murphy involved in your life.

Jason Katzenback


CEO and Founder: & Worlds Leading Amazon Training System

I was lucky enough to come across Andy in London at an elite ‘mind programming’ event – of course he would only be found in the latter scene! His unique character and insane intuitiveness was what led me to want to work with him. He understands peak performance in the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical term. Nothing gets passed Andy no matter what, and he picks up on things that I would never have dreamt of before. He’s helped me work through some extremely pressurised events in my life and has helped me push through some mental and emotional barriers to get my success to the highest level is has reached to date!! Not only is he one of the funkiest people I’ve ever met, the fact that he was an athlete, gives him an edge that no other peak performance consultant has got. I hope we will be working together and friends for a long, long time in the future.


Worlds #1 female Forex trader, Trainer and Speaker

When I started coaching with Andy I didn’t really know what the next step was for me in my life. I had some dreams floating at the back of my head and had just experienced a massive growth in my business, but still on a quest for more. Andy has helped me to clarify my thoughts and feelings, begin to plan my journey and develop the best version of myself. He has equipped me with the tools I need to establish a more self assured voice and become more grounded. Within three months I’ve had powerful transformations of my mindset that has resulted in being calmer, learning to feel and go with my intuition and be more at peace with my choices. My heart is grateful to the entire universe for this amazing opportunity to have met you and to help me to become an even more fulfilled woman.


One of the world’s leading network marketers

Over the years I have photographed for some of the biggest brands from Nike to Coca-Cola and photographed celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Usher and more. Photography is about problem solving, and while it may look glamorous it always requires peak state performance as it’s absolutely a high pressure moment driven profession. Andy has been helping me to create triggers to optimize my peak creativity states not only in my work but in my personal life. The more I fall in love with neuroscience, the more I’m realizing how much NLP can be used to take my life, creativity and performance to the next level. Beyond his coaching, Andy is an all around great human. He really cares about the well being of his friends and clients.


Celebrity Photographer to Usher, Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba & more..

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