Mindset by Design Peak Performance Podcast

Episode #407: Andrew Huberman: Stop Self Sabotage & Win Again Using Dopamine

If you are used to being a top performer but find yourself in a dip in results, this is the episode for you. I am sure you are getting stressed, frustrated, and maybe starting to self-sabotage. Especially if you know deep inside if you only could find that fire again, you will kick ass again.

I break down this awesome clip of Dr. Andrew Huberman, speaking about using dopamine as the fuel to reboot yourself.

Episode #406: Mark Cuban & Patrick Bet-David Answer Is An Entrepreneur Built Or Born?

It is a really powerful question and actually follows on nicely from episode #404 with Gary Vee, speaking about not everyone can be a billionaire. In this episode, I share some honest feedback on why you must understand your own superpowers and stay in your lane while training your brain to handle the weight of running any business level.

Episode #405 Jordan Peterson, Tim Ferris Show You How To Control Your Emotions

This episode is awesome, Jordan was interviewed on the Tim Ferris podcast speaking about how he controls his own emotions when being attacked by media and in interviews. I love this episode as I share many tactics and strategies that build on his beliefs for founders or business owners, for sales, negotiation, management and simply being powerful in leading your vision into the world.

Episode #404 Gary V, Redefine Success & Love The Hunt Not The Bling

I love this episode, in this clip with Gary V, he shows how he really cares and that not everyone should be making 10s of millions of dollars, but instead, I share how entrepreneurism is such a personal journey.

All founders of companies no matter how big, must go through their own inner growth, to expand and upgrade to the next level of the game they want to play.


Yes, it is my birthday week, which of course I will celebrate for the entire month of March ha!

This is also an extra special week as I have re-released the famous 8-Figure Thinker BUSINESS BRAIN UNIVERSITY. Which has changed the lives of so many entrepreneurs over the years!

If you are a business owner desiring to grow from 5 to 6,7 and even 8 figures, then understanding the ability to master your brain and nervous system becomes your number one superpower, to make any business tactic truly work. (It is the secret marketers do not tell you about)

Episode #402: Ram Dass & How To Feel Amazing While In Stress

Episode #401 Shaolin Monk, How to Control Fear & Make It An Illusion (Shi Heng Yi)

Episode #400: The Birthday Episode of MBD with Andy & Steph

Episode #399 Mr. Beast's 100 Words Of Wisdom To Scale In 2023

Episode #398: The Secret To Building Your Brain Into A Scaling Badass in 2023 (Joe Dispenza)

Episode #397 The Power of Struggle in Business (Joe Rogan)

Episode #396 My 10 Top 2023 Hacks I Learnt From A Crazy 2022

Episode #395 The 3 Ultra Presence Hacks For Success, Happiness & Wealth (Rob Dyrdek)

Episode #394 How To Pick The Phone Up, Take Action & Close More Deals (Steven Pressfield & Joe Rogan)

Episode #393 How To Switch On Maximum Focus In Seconds (Andrew Huberman and Lex Fridman)

Episode #392 The #1 Secret To Always Perform At Your Best (Demetrious Johnson MMA)

Episode #391: Do Nice Guys Finish Last In Sales? (Patrick Bet-David)

Episode #390: Double Your Sales By Creating Your New Reality

Episode #389: How Can Marshmallows Make You Millions? CLIP SHOW

Episode #388: The 3 Keys To 7 Figures Even If You Are Starting Again (Alex Hormozi)

Episode #387 How To Be Smarter & Close More Deals In 30 Days

Episode #386 Quantum Theory For Life & Business Success (Lex Fridman)

Episode #385: Anxiety, ADHD In Sales & Business & How To Control It

Episode #384 The Brain Chemical Tactics To Always Take Action (Andrew Huberman)

Episode #383 CLIP SHOW: Words Create Your World

Episode #382: How Words Can Kill You Or Make You Rich (Patrick Bet-David)

CLIP SHOW #381 Becoming A Badass 101

#380 How To Learn New Skills Rapidly In Life with Andrew Huberman

#379 CLIP SHOW: Own Who You Really Are For Real Wealth

Episode #378 Master Your Superpowers with Director Guy Ritchie

#377 CLIP SHOW: Sales, Sales, Sales and How To Be A Closing King

Episode #376: Sales With Patrick Bet-David & 6 Tactics To Millions

#375 CLIP SHOW: Slow The F Down For Money & Happiness

Episode #374: Scott Oldford & How To Energetically Scale Past 7 Figures

#373 CLIP SHOW: How To Build Your Brain For 7 Figure Sales

Episode #372: Why Not Everyone Is Successful, Rich Or Have Freedom

#371 CLIP SHOW: Is Your Identity Killing Your Sale & Business?

Episode #370: Ed Mylett & Goal Setting Wisdom In 2022

#369 CLIP SHOW: If He Can Do It, You Can Too...

Episode #368: Is A Shark Tank 15 Year Old Being More Of A Badass Than You? We all need motivation sometimes in business

#367 CLIP SHOW: Discover Why Your Brain Is Lying To You

Episode #366 Psychedelics, Life Expansion with Russell Brand and Kanye

#365 CLIP SHOW: Your Life Your Rules

Episode #364: Is Being Happy the Secret To Making Millions?

#363 CLIP SHOW: Are you being an Ego Leader?

Episode #362 Was Steve Jobs An A**hole, and Are You Being One As A Leader?

#361 CLIP SHOW: Belief Power

Episode #360: 3 Mind Blasting Beliefs For A Legendary Business

#359 CLIP SHOW: Brain Waves & Your Performance

Episode #358: NLP Persuasion, Influence & The Missing Edge In Your Business

Joe Dispenza - The Science Of Manifesting 101

Episode #356: Elon Musk's Autobiography breakdown

Episode #355: Wanna Quit? Listen To Steve Jobs Instead & Get Motivated

Episode #354: Elon Musk, Twitter & What It Means To The World Of Social Media

Episode #353: Neuroscientist Shares How To Always Feel Awake With This #1 Skill Andrew Huberman

Episode #352: Matías De Stefano The Most Powerful Way to Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY

Episode #351: The Psychology of Money & How To Play The Game

Episode #350: Keeping the Ego in Check Will Make You Happy & Millions

Episode #349: Tony Robbins, The Mind Skills You Must Have To Create A Booming Business

Episode #348: Jim Kwik Memory Hacks to END Your negative self talk in 2022

Episode #347: Mr. Beast How Hyper Obsession Made Him The #1 Youtuber In The World

Episode #346: The 5 Keys To Deep Sleep For Brain Performance

Episode #345: Alan Watts, Business, Life & The Universe Are All One

Episode #344: The #1 Brain Tool To Instantly See Success In 2022

Episode #343: Why Building Your Own Media Empire Must Be Your #1 Skill For Success In 2022

Episode #342: How Crypto, Stock & All Traders Can Become A Rich Genius In 2022

Episode #341: Andrew Huberman How To Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Episode #340: Top 10 Biggest YouTube Stars

Episode #339: 3 Steve Jobs Stories That Changed the World Forever

Episode #338: The Magic Of Money in 2022

Episode #337: Are You Game Ready For 2022?

Episode #336: Belief & Motivation to know you are special at Christmas

Episode #335: Discover How Shaolin Monks Destroy Fear

Episode #334: Why entrepreneurs stay broke, stressed & full of anxiety

Episode #333: Gary Vee Mind Power & Future Predictions

Episode #332: Leonardo da Vinci's Quotes For Being A Badass

Episode #331: How To Stop Depression & Become Unstoppable Instead

Episode #330: The #1 Reason Facebook, Metaverse, NFT, Crypto Will Change Your Life

Episode #329: How To Become A Radical Entrepreneur with Ryan Alford and Andy Murphy

Episode #328: Tim Ferris & How Being Stoic Saved His Life & Business

Episode #327: Robert Kiyosaki & Why You Must Get Control Of Your Money FAST

Episode #326: David Goggins & Mental Toughness 101

Episode #325: Tech Vs Nature & The #1 Thing You Must Do To Be Happy In Business

Episode #324: Ram Dass, The Freedom of Being Nobody



Episode #321: Business Failure & The 6 Strategies To Stop It Now

Episode #320: Sadhguru & The Psychological Game of Spirituality In Business


Episode #318: Mayweather & The Untold Mindset Secrets of Wealth & Happiness

Episode #317: The #1 Reason You Must Train Your Mind Like You Go The Gym

Episode #316: How Kim Kardashian Became a Billionaire and How You Can Model her Mindset

Episode #315: Mental Health In Business & the Number 1 Shift You Must Make

Episode #314: Research Finds A New Trick To Telling If Someone Is Lying: Their Voice

Episode #313: Sales. The Key Ingredients to Double Your Profits

Episode #312: Conor McGregor & How To Train Your Mind To Have Bullet Proof Belief

Episode #311: How To Get Real Results, Not B.S. Fake Value

Episode #310: Now What?? What Do You Do When You Have It All with Dean Trinklein & Andy Murphy

Episode #309: Guy Ritchie: EXTREME LIFE OWNERSHIP

Episode #308: Solved: Your Most Burning Questions About Flow That The Experts Keep Getting Wrong

Episode #307: Elon Musk's Mindset & Book Breakdown

Episode #306: The Secret Science Of Frequency & How To 20X Your Business

Episode #305: ADHD & How Yoga Breath Can Switch It Off

Episode #304: Krysti Slonaker, How To Use Your Body To Fire Up Your Brain

Episode #303: Ari Meisel Productivity King (The Best of MBD)

Episode #302: Why Social Media "Likes" Edit Our Memories & How To Stop It

Episode #301: Your Business Brain 10 Min Tune Up

Episode #300: Why Procrastination is a Lie and How To Beat It Today

Episode #299: Subliminal Sales. Are You Influencing or Being Controlled?

Episode #298: Does HARSH Parenting Damage Your Kids Brain & Their Life?

Episode #297: 5 Quotes From The Great Minds To Dream Big in 2021

Episode #296: Motivation from Steve Jobs, Steven Hawking, Ghandi, Bill Hicks, Elon Musk, Michelangelo & My Grandma

Episode #295: 10 Life Lessons of Joe Rogan (The Best Of MBD)

Episode #294: Jordan harbinger "The Original Gangster Of Podcasting" (Best of MBD)

Episode #293: Jay Samit & Why The Pope, Steve Jobs & Richard Branson Ask For Help (The Best Of MBD)

Episode #292: UFC 's Bruce Buffer Talks Conor Mcgregor, Travel & Business Mindset (The Best of MBD)

Episode #291: Ben Greenfield's Morning Routine (The Best of MBD Podcast)


Episode 289: The Unknown Lies About 21 & 90 Day Habits, That Could Destroy Your Business

Episode #288: The 3 Powers of Laughter To Make More Money In 2021

Episode #287: How To Stop Anxiety, Stress & Fear Ready For 2021

Episode #286: Did Human Intelligence Just Got Less Mysterious

Episode #285: Dennis Mckenna (The GodFather of Psychedelics)

Episode #284: Stop Monday Overwhelm & Do This System Instead

Episode #283: Build a New Brain for 2021

Episode #282: Quotes From A Rockstar (Eddie Van Halen)

Episode #281: Can the “Mozart Effect" Really Help your Business?

Episode #280: Tony Jeffries Olympian Boxing Mindset

Episode #279: The Science Of Habits For A High Performing Business

Episode #278: Is Music A Performance Enhancing Drug?

Episode #277: Martial Arts Thinking in Your Business

Episode #276: How Neural Networks Shape our Beliefs, Mindset, and Choices

Episode #275: Joe Rogan's Top 10 Life Lessons

Episode #274: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk & 48 Other 1% Mindsets

Episode #273: Are You Or The Media Programming Your Unconscious Mind??

Episode #272: Discover This Genius System Elon Musk Learned From Aristotle

Sunday Morning Coffee in Scotland Adventures with Steph & Andy

Episode #271: Is Dopamine Upgrading Or Destroying You?

Episode #270: EQ Mastery And How To Apply It In Everyday Business

Episode #269: (NLP Basics) How to See Your Business Differently

Episode #268: The Psychological Truth. Jeff Faldalen Interviews Andy Murphy

Episode #267: Tech & Trend Futurist Dean Grey

Episode #266: Mentally Manage Life & Business with Jason Katzenback

Episode #265: Sleep, Happiness and Brain Power. With Steph and Andy

Sunday Morning Coffee with Steph & Andy


Episode #263: Life Mastery with Stefan James

Episode #262: How To Re-wire Your Brain Waves for 1% Performance

Episode #261: How Do You See The the world? w/Leo Philips

Episode #260: Kobe & How To Build A Champion Mindset

Episode #259: Rewire & Upgrade. Brain, Money & Brand

Episode #258: Chad George. How To Decide To Be A Champ

Episode #257: Christmas Edition 2019

Episode #256: Art of Self Talk for Ultimate Performance

Episode #255: How to Become the 1% Outlier in Your Niche

Episode #254: The 5 BIG Regrets of 21 Billionaires You Must Know Now

Episode #253: How To Use Music for High Performance

Episode #252: Reprogram Your DNA with Your Words

Episode #251: The Power of the Placebo & Your Performance (10 min tune up)

Episode #250: Your Mind Is Your Money (A deep look into why)

Episode #249: Designing High Performance Alter Ego's and Peak States

Episode #248: Building Badass Humans with Mac Brazina

Episode #247: Alan Watts, Do what you desire (10 min tune up)

Episode #246: NLP Body Language Master Class for High Performers

Episode #245: The Mental Tactics To Get Any Business To Blow Up

Episode #244: The home office tried to deport me while I was in a Coma (Bhavani Esapathi)

Episode #243: Jose Flores. How to Motivate your Mind for Massive Action

Episode #241: 10 Min Tune Up. How to deal with STRESS and DEPRESSION

Episode #240: The 5 Steps That No One Is Teaching To World-class Performance

Episode #239: Why Knowing How To Switch On Your Creative Brain Can Make You Millions

Episode #238: Scientists Shocked as Emotions Shape Our Reality

Episode #237: How Cities and Noise Could Be Killing You and Your Business

Episode #236: Is Intuition an Intelligence (Listen to what Jeff Bezos thinks)

Episode #235: Bikini boss babe (Theresa Depasquale) Brain and Booty Training for Business Domination

Episode #234: The Magic of Mirror Neurons (How to 20X your Brand)

Episode #233: The 2 steps to stop fear. The Science of Breathe (Forbes)

Episode #232: Wade Lightheart, How to create Perfect Health & Spiritual Life

Episode #231: Corey kupfer: How to Think, Negotiate and live life at a World-Class Level.

Episode #230: The Truth Behind Procrastination and Fear (with Steph & Andy)

Episode #229: Josh Perry. From X Games, Brain Tumor to Changing lives

Episode #228: Brain Waves, Neuroscience & Why This is A Game Changer for your Business

Episode #227: Genius System Elon Musk Learned From Aristotle

TAKE 2: Episode #226: Shawn Wells. The World's Greatest Formulator

Episode #226: Shawn Wells. The World's Greatest Formulator

Episode #224: Live Private Group Training

Episode #223: Has Hypnosis Finally Been Vindicated by Neuroscience?

Episode #222: Kyle Brown- Stress, Perfection and CEO Health

Episode #221: Live Q&A Master Class

Episode #220: 4 Hacks to Blast Your Productivity in 2019

BONUS: Nitro Your New Year

Episode #219: Top 10 Lessons from 2018 to Blow Up Your 2019

Episode #218: The Christmas Episode

Episode #217: Stress, Belief and how to change it. (Sunday Morning Coffee)

Episode #216: The Power of Your Words

Episode #215: CBD, The Secret Healing Effect In Weed with James Radina

Episode #214: 23 Lies About Money and Tactics to Re-program Mindset

Episode #213: Sunday Morning Coffee: #2 Scotland

Episode #212: Tupac, Bob Marley, lil Wayne, Bruce Lee & Yoda Words of Wisdom

Episode #211: Sunday Morning Coffee

Episode #210: The 6 Step Formula to Creating your Dreams

Episode #209: Conor McGregor Mindset By Design

Episode #208: 7 Lessons I learned from Knee Surgery

Episode #207: Recharge Your Confidence and Will Power Battery in 5 Simple Steps

Episode #206: Flow: How To Use This Power House Tool

Episode #205: Kanye, Russell Brand, The Matrix and How To Make Magic Happen

Episode #204: The Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, LIE.

Episode #203: Brain Pump, 10 Min Tune Up

Episode #202: Healing Tattoos After Cancer with Vicky Martin

Episode #201: How to Stop Fear and Switch On Confidence in 5 Special Steps

Episode #200: Happy Birthday Mindset By Design

Episode #199: Let's Talk About Money...

Episode #198: The 4 Scientific Ways To Create World-Class Habits For 8 Figure Thinking

I Am On A Mission For The Next 90 Days, Are You Coming With Me??

Episode #197: Steve jobs, Steven Hawking, Gandhi, Bill hicks, Henry Ford, Elon Musk, Michelangelo and my grandma.

Episode #195: The Process Is the Reward (10 min tuneup)

Episode #194: Is Music a Performance Enhancing Drug?

Episode #193: A Forbes Billionaires New Perspective (the one you didn't know about)"

Episode #191: Tesla, Mediation and Frequency You Didn't Know Existed

Episode #190: How to Level Up Your Game

Episode #189: The #1 Concept that is Keeping You and Your Business Stuck

Episode #188: 8 Lessons to Scale Your Business (Not like you think)

Episode #187: My 40th & 11 What I Know For Sure Lessons

Episode #186: Procrastination is a Lie. Wanna find out why?

Episode #185: Iphone Vs Buddhist Monk

Episode #184: Balance your Business and Life. LIVE

Episode #183: ANNOUNCEMENT & Mind Blowing Quotes

Episode #182: Anger & Pain Vs Entrepreneur Performance

Episode #181: This 27 Year old Dying Wisdom Might be the 1 Thing that changes your life forever

Episode #180: Warren Buffett Mindset. The Steps that will make 2018 your best year ever.

Episode #179: Bob Marley, Dali Lama, Bill Murray, Tony Robins, Bruce Lee and Steve jobs have a Holiday Message for You

Episode #178: The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities: Forbes Breakdown

Episode #177: How to Forgive Anyone Who Ripped You Off or Let You Down and Instead Make it F.U.N.

Episode #176: What would happen if you knew how to change your Memories and Always be in Control of Your Mind?

Episode #175: Tony Jeffries- Winning Olympic Medals, Business and Kicking Ass in California

Episode #174: The B.S. 7% Lie that is Destroying Your Business and how the Truth can 20X your results

Episode #173: Zombified to on Fire. Ignite 2018 with these 4 simple steps

Episode #172: The Secret Art of Flow that No One Has Ever Told You and Why You Wish You Knew Today

Episode #171: The best 3 Step Advice I Have Ever Gotten About Life.

Episode #170: Shorty Torres & LouTrition: Mindset Tactics for a 30 Fight Win Streak

Episode #169: Feeling Stuck? The 3 Steps Developed to Always Create Choices in Life and Business

...are you having sleepless nights worrying about your business?

Episode #168: Overwhelm and the 3 Key Steps to Recognize and Reset it

Episode #167: LouTrition Weight cutting, UFC, Mindset and how to get Greatness

Episode #166: People Work Perfectly, Right? 10 Min Tune Up

Episode #165: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K, Breakdown

Episode #164: Spirituality, Science and the Steps to Create an Incredible Business

Episode #163: Elon Musk Vs Fiji and How to Create Business Happiness

Episode #162: Sales. The Key Ingredients to Double Your Profits

Episode #161: Phoenix Carnevale, UFC Reporting, Mcgregor and her own fighters mindset

Episode #160: Entrepreneur.com The 10 steps for Inspiration and Rapid Results

Episode #159: Joe Rogan and his 10 Lessons for Life Performance

This Might Be Perfect Timing..?

Episode #158: Cure Depression and get Performance in my 3 Step Box System

This Might Be Perfect Timing..?

Episode #156: Conor Mcgregor and his Elite Level Mindset that You Can Create

Never Released to the Public Before: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT !!!

Episode #155: You Need to Know This. Dopamine is not just for Pleasure, it can Kill You..!

Episode #154: Get 8 Figure Consistency and Momentum in Any Level Business

Episode #153: Is The Work Life Balance a Myth?

Episode #151: The #1 Book That Changed My Life

Episode #150: What Advice Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and 48 other World Changing Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Episode #149: Staying In Control and Stepping into 7 Figure Thinking

Episode #148: Drive, TV Networks and Total Belief with Bonnie Bruderer

Episode #147: How To Know The Truth To Why You Are Self Sabotaging

Episode #146: How To Be A Genius

Episode #145: Becoming an Adventurepreneur with Anthony Mauro and Louis Giordano

Episode #144: Behind The Scenes Exclusive Access for Balance and Habit Acceleration

Episode #143: Creating The Entrepreneurial Happy Life with Briana and Dr. Peter Borten

Episode #142: Conor McGregor and the Magic of his Mindset

Episode #141: Elon Musk, Society and Why Being You Will Make You Millions


Episode #140: Control, The Key To Entrepreneurs Flying Or Dying

Episode #139: Anxiety, Depression And The Entrepreneurs Dark Secret

Episode #138: Matt Gallant and How To Live The Life You Dreamt About Right Now

Episode #137: Tactics For Acceleration Live With Andy Murphy

Episode #136: The Art Of Flow & The 3 Steps You Wish You Already Knew

Episode #135: Discover Why Awareness Cycles in Business Will Create Instant Results

Episode #134: Peter Sage and How To Reinvent Yourself In The New Era Of Business

Episode #132: The Top 10 Entrepreneurs Quotes You Must Hear To Accelerate Now

Episode #131: The Ultimate Fear and 6 step System to Stop it and become World-class

Episode #130: Proven Old Skool Sales is Dead, The NLP Sales tool you need to know

Episode #129: Get Rid of Failure And The Key Beliefs To Keep Pushing Once and For All

Episode #128: Dawn Ferrentino: Network Marketing Millionaire Mastery Habits. Change Your Business in 30 Mins

Episode #127: Ben Greenfield and how to get world-class performance each morning

Episode #126: Proof That Your Network is Your Net-worth, Exclusive Training That Really Works

Episode #125: How to Build A World-Class Network Rapidly with Jayson Gaignard

Episode #124: The Must Have Cops Mindset and the 4 Key Steps To Be Able To Connect with Anyone with Phil Romano

Episode #123: The Hottest Ways to be Rich, Happy and Driven. Discover the beliefs that work instantly with Hither Mann

Episode #122: NLP & The 5 Big Beliefs You Need To Be World-Class

Episode #121: James Swanick, Effective Strategies for No Alcohol, Tai Lopez & Hollywood and why you need to listen now

Episode #120: My Birthday and the Top 5 things I learnt since last year that will change your life

Episode #119: 4 Key ways why being present that will change your life and make you lots of Money

Episode #118: The 5 World-Class Ways To Stop Your Lazy Habit That Could Save Your Business

Episode #117: How to Go from Broke to 10 Million in 4 years with Mike Tecku

Episode #116: The Untapped Gold Mine Of Being A World-class Spiritual Entrepreneur That Virtually No One Knows About

Episode #115: Have you ever felt FLOW ?? The 5 Key steps to greatness For The Busy Entrepreneur

Episode #114: Matt Bodnar The Untold Secret To success In Less Than 30 Minutes with Matt Bodnar

Episode #113: 5 Secrets: How To Be A Real Man To Create A World-class Business with sean russell

Episode #112: How NYE Will Change Your life In 2016 With My Top 5 Mindset Systems

Episode #111: The Untold Secret To Conor McGregor & the world-class mindset you can have In Less Than Ten Minutes

Episode #110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard

Episode #109: Winning Tactics For The Future of the Tech World with Dom and Tom

Episode #108: Why I Used 10 World-class questions that will change your life instantly!

Episode #107: The Untold Secret To Mastering What Usher, Justin Bieber and Nike have in common In Just 7 Days with Nick Onken

Episode #106: Ronda Rousey: How/Why I Predicted She Would Lose. My NLP/ Mindset Breakdown

Episode #105: NY times best seller shows the strategies to get infinite energy with Yuri Elkaim


Episode #104: Destroying FEAR like A World-class Entrepreneur

Episode #103: Why The Pope, Steve Jobs & Richard Branson Ask Jay Samit For Help

Episode #102: The 21 Day Habit Lie

Episode #101: Network Like A Billionaire With Geoff Woods

UFC's Bruce Buffer & the 100th episode

Episode #99.3: Powerhouse 4 Steps To A World-Class Life

Episode #99.2: The VIP experience

MBD Best of: Always Make the Right Decision

#99.1 - World-Class Change In 3 Power House Steps

Episode #98: Elon Musk, 5 Min Mentor with Andy Murphy

Episode #97: Screw The Nine To Five with Jill Stanton

The Best of MBD: Quantum Thinking & Business

Episode #96: The #1 Step that will Install a New Habit

Episode #95: Ronda Rousey 5 minute mentor with Andy Murphy

Episode #94: World-class Health for the Modern Entrepreneur with Dr Isaac Jones

Episode #93: 1 year Anniversary. 10 things I learnt over the past 12 months

Episode #92: What would you do if you could not fail?

Episode #91: Discover the 1 Secret for Massive Performance that No One is Teaching

MBD 5 min Tune up about Stephen Hawking

Episode #90: Discover how to dominate Amazon and get global freedom with Jeremie Roger

5 minute tune ups

Episode #89: Discover Why Harvard Knows Napping Will Accelerate Your Business Instantly

Episode #88: 3 steps to stop Anger & Frustration in Business right now

Episode #87: How a fitness expert pressed the reboot and went zen with Brandon Epstein

Hypnosis Bonus: The Sunday Chill out with Andy Murphy

BEST OF MBD: Sales Master Class with Joe Girard

Episode #85: 3 Pro Steps to be a Badass in Business

Episode EP#84: Side Hustle & Build Your Dream Income with Nick Loper

Episode #83: Fail & Recover like a pro, 4 steps to keep driving

Episode #82: How to be Boss Free & Live a life by Design

Episode #81: Get Determined in 4 Rapid Steps

Episode #80: How a World-champion Bodybuilder became a Monk, Vegetarian & Multi-Millionaire

Episode #79: 3 ways MEDITATION will help you be a better Entrepreneur

Episode #78: Get FREEDOM in 5 steps 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Episode #77: Stop Anxiety in 7 Steps 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Episode #76: Menprovement & the science of becoming more with Sean Russell

Episode #75: F!@# IT 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Episode #74: Ebook Master-Class Tom Corson-Knowles

Episode #73: Accountability 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Episode #10: Installing Happiness 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Episode #72: Psychedelic Revolution with Dennis Mckenna

Episode #71: Suffering 10 min Tune up with Andy Murphy

The Best of MBD: Choose the right choice

Episode #70: 3 Years to Freedom with Mike Tecku

Episode #69: Powerful Environments 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Episode #68: World-class Productivity with Ari Meisel

Episode #67: Spiritual ?? 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Bonus #4: THE BEST OF: Money Mindset

Episode #66: Mental Weight-loss with Stephanie Matos

Episode #65: OVERWHELMED 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Episode #64: Stress, Sex & Business

Bonus Episode #3: Going to the Hospital

Episode #63: Sales Master Class with Joe Girard

Episode #62: My Birthday Lessons 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Episode #61: Sex & Connection in Business with Allana Pratt

Episode #60: LAZY?? Solo tune up with Andy Murphy


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